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Atlanta Progressive News

“We [Atlanta Progressive News] are endorsing Debra Bazemore for House District 63, the seat being vacated by State Rep. Ronnie Mabra (D-Fayetteville), because we thought her questionnaire responses were quite progressive.”  “Bazemore’s responses were slightly more progressive in our view, especially on the issue of nuclear power.  Also, she has a record of public service that includes advocacy at the Legislature on the issue of City of South Fulton.”  Click HERE to read entire article.



GP“I knew Debra before she was born. Her Mother, Kit, and I were high school and adult friends all our life.  When I was a teacher all three of her girls were in my English class.  Debra was in my high school class as a student but also as a student volunteer to help students who needed tutoring in reading.  She began being a mature young woman by helping others and quickly became a leader in school clubs and activities.  Here leadership of respect for others, loyalty to all and truthfulness have been apparent all these years.  Now she’s in a place where, if given the chance, will seek out the problems and take the opportunity to solve them.  She is a solution person rather than a problem maker.  I wish I lived in Georgia so I could vote for her.”

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